Update on Thief

“They got him!”

We were informed by the NYPD late last week that they have apprehended the young man who robbed us back in October and attempted to rob us, but was stopped, two weeks ago.

They caught him at the Islamic Center a few blocks from the parish.  He was attempting to break into the center again (after doing so a number of times before).

He is a 23-year-old man, who has a drug and alcohol problem.  He confessed to the NYPD that he was the one who did all the crimes in the attempt to get money to support his habit.

He is currently in jail.

We thank the NYPD for their support and hard work in this case, and while we pray for the young man, we will be pressing charges.

This episode is a wake up call for us all.  If you have a relative or friend who is struggling with addiction there is help available, we have many resources to help those in need.  Please reach out to the office and we can connect you with a professional who will help the person heal.


If you see someone in church doing something strange or doing something they should not be doing, please alert the rectory and Father immediately!  We want our church open so people can come into God’s house and pray, but we want it secured and safe.

God bless, Fr Gannon

Currents Break-In Interview

The following interview regarding out break-in was show on Currents TV.

Break-in Stopped! 1/25/19

This afternoon we had another break-in by the same guy who did it in October 2018.   This time, thanks to our upgraded security, we saw him in real time and stopped him.  Unfortunately, he got away before the cops arrived. 
Apparently, he recently broke into the Islam Center on 191 2 weeks ago and got $1,000 from their poor box.   The cops have tied him to at least 4 episodes. 
Spanish male
Black short hair
In early 20s
5' 10'
160-180 lbs.
Here are the videos from January 25, 2019. They will be out on social media soon.


Blood Drive-Jan 27th

 Following the December holidays, our blood supply can be extremely low with types O- and B- and platelets at critical levels.  We were very fortunate in early January with unseasonably mild weather and few, if any winter storms.  But cold and flu season is upon us!  Likely, you have colleagues, family and friends suffering and as luck would have it, mother nature is throwing a one-two punch this weekend with a pair of winter storms that may blanket the area in all kinds of precipitation.  Storms that fall Saturday night into Sunday can be especially challenging.  We are likely to lose as many as 1000 blood donations and half of our platelet donations.   Weekend platelet donations are especially important for early week transfusions to cancer and leukemia patients.


We hope that you are tucked in safe and warm during the storms but also ask that you help spread the urgent need for blood and platelet donations in advance and following the storm.  Our type O- inventory is at critical level and our overall inventory is well below what we like to have to meet hospital demand. 

Blood Drive Details

Blood Types Needed

Blood Donation FAQs


A follow up to our sad robbery.

God blesses those who give.  Thank you.


Catholic New Year's Resolutions

1)     Go to Mass once more day then you do already (like Sunday and Monday and not just Sunday)

2)     Pray the rosary every day (maybe on your way from work or going to school instead of listening to music on your iPod)

3)     Read the readings from the daily Mass while not at Mass, maybe download them onto your phone, even if you cannot get to mass that day you can pray for that the World Made Flesh blesses you in the reading.


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