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Jerusalem Retreat

February 10 - 18, 2019

By Fr. Josephjude Gannon

Click below to read more about my Retreat

My First Day in Jerusalem

My Second Day in Jerusalem

My Third & Fourth Days in Jerusalem

Fifth Day of my Retreat in Jerusalem

My Last Day in Jerusalem



Update on Thief

“They got him!”

We were informed by the NYPD late last week that they have apprehended the young man who robbed us back in October and attempted to rob us, but was stopped, two weeks ago.


Currents Break-In Interview

The following interview regarding out break-in was show on Currents TV.

Break-in Stopped! 1/25/19

This afternoon we had another break-in by the same guy who did it in October 2018.   This time, thanks to our upgraded security, we saw him in real time and stopped him.  Unfortunately, he got away before the cops arrived. 


A follow up to our sad robbery.

God blesses those who give.  Thank you.


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