A Message from our Pastor

I did this as a way of reparation and prayer for victims of abuse by other priests and bishops and family members.  It was something prayerfully that I could do to unite myself to the cross and give witness of healing and hope to those who were in despair.

But many have also noticed I have lost weight, it is a nice side effect.  I said I would do this until the Feast of Christ the King (around Thanksgiving.) That is still my intention.  After talking to my Coach and my Doctor (I would not do this as radical as I did without prayer support, and professional support) I am now moving to a new phase in this journey.  Very soon after Halloween, I am now going to start moving from one meal a day to two and then three.  These are healthy meals, (no starch, no chips or goodies and properly portioned with more veggies than meat and still drinking only water.) This is because it would be unhealthy for me to switch back to what I was eating and in one day.  (I would get sick and could gain unhealthy weight back too quickly).  I hope to keep skinny, it’s a nice side effect of all this, but that was never my goal. The plan is to change things up for a few weeks so that I can be back on a regular diet by the Feast of Christ the King in a few weeks.  I write now, to again ask for prayer for me and others who are sharing in my journey by doing this program, it may even be harder to keep to three healthy meals than eating the way I was in the process or eating whatever I wanted before.

God bless, Fr Gannon


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