Note from Fr Gannon - 10/20/18

I have also been spending more time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and more time reading different prayer and theology books, also I have been walking (10,000 steps more or less) and while walking I pray the rosary or listen to worship and praise music).

Some of the readings I have been doing are

In Sinu Jesus: When Heart Speaks to Heart, the Journal of a Priests Prayer.  It is a the prayer journal of a Benedictine Monk and his prayer between him and Jesus and him and Mother Mary during time of Adoration starting in 2008.  I have found it very powerful to read this while Praying before the Blessed Sacrament.

Another book I am reading is: Mariam, The Little Arab, Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified.  It is the story and writings of a small Carmelite Nun in the Holy Land in the late 19th century.  My Classmate and friend, Fr. Thomas Mary Benedict Joseph Labre of the Cross, A Queens born priest who is now a Carmelite Priest in Boston recently told me about her.  She was a powerful witness of the Holy Spirit and she challenged the Pope and all Bishops and Pastors to dedicate a Day in the Diocese/parish to the Holy Spirit by saying Mass for the Holy Spirit.  We may start that in Advent.  I am praying about it and I invite everyone to pray about that as well.

A third book is: The Way of Divine Love by Sister Maria Josefa Menendez, a little nun who spend her days doing small quiet tasks in the convent and her nights in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in 1923.

As I continue this time of fasting, remember, you are welcome to join me, maybe you cannot have a special diet to fast with but everyone can fast from something, TV, Internet, cursing, or you can do something extra everyday, like visit the church to pray, say a extra rosary, read a spiritual book.  Everyone can do something.

Remember my primary reason for doing this is reparation of sins done by Bishops and priests in the church, and to ask the Holy Spirit for healing for those who have been hurt.  We all need, as a family to do this, because when one family members is sick, we all are affected and hurting.

Let us continue to pray for each other.

Fr Gannon

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