Mission trip to Haiti


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Below is her letter explaining the details of her yes, the mission, and how the money will help.

Fr Gannon




 Dear Friends,

         I will be going on a Mission trip to Haiti this January 2-12, 2019 with the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal and the Friar Suppliers.  Haiti as you know is a third world country and the poorest in this hemisphere.  Unemployment is 95%.  An average days earnings is only a few dollars.  Food is in very short supply and costly.  A person is lucky to eat one small meal of rice and beans every other day.  Housing is whatever shelter they can find and build themselves out of cardboard, tin, boxes, wood sticks, etc. Medical care is mostly unavailable. Education is not free, so it’s unaffordable for most children.  There is no plumbing, no electricity, no sanitation department to pick up garbage, no clean running water. 

In Haiti we will be working in an orphanage that cares for 30 handicapped and mentally disabled children.  The children need beds and wheelchairs, which we are trying to provide.  The unpaid 15 volunteers who work there, caring for the children, are also in great need.  They need a house and latrines, which we plan to build while we are there.  

            This year, we will give food out to 2,400 people. We will be doing a clothing and shoes handout to 75 blind families that are in need.  We plan to build 30 Chicken coups and give 5 chickens to each family. This way they can either eat the eggs or sell the eggs. Either way they are benefitting.

  So you can see that, building supplies, beds, wheelchairs, food, clothing, shoes, and chickens cost a lot of money. 

             I am asking for your financial help not for me but for the poor.  Every dollar I raise will go completely towards the project. There are no overhead costs.  Personally I will pay for my airfare, room and board. Please, I am willing to go to a 3rd World Country, could you please help me this Christmas Season by being as generous as you can. Your donations will provide for the materials needed.  Myself and our team will provide the muscle, the smiles, the hope and the love that these people need.

            Please make all checks out to FRIAR SUPPLIERS and mail back to me. A tax donation letter will be mailed to you in late January. If you have any questions please call me. My address is below. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours truly, 




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