God is Good - Blog Update


This was very sad, we had to call the police, they are continuing to investigating and the guy has been seen in the neighborhood breaking into cars, but he has not been caught yet.  In time he will be.

Eventually the NYPD wanted to put the file with video (which is also on our website) out to a press release.  Pix 11 and the Diocese TV show Currents did do a story on it.  (which is also on the site)

The sad part is that if he can rang the doorbell of the office Rectory would have done all we could to get the man help, we could have gotten him connected to social services, Government City and State agencies.  But he chose instead to violate and hurt us.  The items cost over 4,000 to replace.

Now with all that, we are a people of hope.  We did upgrade our security and are more vigilant in security, but the church is still here and open.  We are a community of witness and hope.

Many have responded via email and calls with prayers and with donations and offers of help.

One lady in NJ even sent us 2 guitars.  These where her personal Guitars used by her Mom years ago.

So God is good.  God is here, and we are a people who are witnesses of hope.

Especially at Christmas time, we need to pray for renewed hope and joy.

Thank you for everyone who prayed, please continue to do so.  Thank you to everyone who donated money, it will go to help us restore us to proper musical health and worship, and thank you to the lady in NJ who went above and beyond to send us her mom’s Guitars.

God bless,

Fr Gannon

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