Catholic New Year's Resolutions

4)     Do more volunteering in the parish or in a Catholic institution, visit the sick, help the homeless, join a prayer group, ask Father how you can help him in the parish.

5)     Put a list of the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit on your phone or by your bed and pray to the Holy Spirit every day for a few minutes.  Ask the Holy Spirit to send you the gift that you need.

6)     Download a biography of a saint, or a work of a saint and read it for 10 minutes a day.

7)     Download and use the parish app as a tool for prayer everyday.

8)     Look at your finances and see how you can gift more support to the parish or a Catholic cause this year and then keep to that cause.

9)     Stop in to pray before Jesus in church on the way home from work/ or school, maybe just start with visiting for 15 minutes and then over weeks and months make that longer.

10)  Make it a point to go to confession once a month.  Regardless if you have committed a very bad sin, everyone needs the grace of reconciliation with God for the little or big things.  Plus it is a sacrament, so encounter God in it by going to him in the sacrament on a monthly basis.

11)  Go on a pilgrimage, or sponsor someone going on a mission or pilgrimage this year.

12)  Pray for our priests daily, and our Bishops, and for all the young people in our parish to say yes to God, and tell them you are doing that with a note, or in person.

13)  Do a “Holy Spirit Day” each month,  put in your calendar that you will pray for the intercession and dwelling of the Holy Spirit once a month (like the 2nd Tuesday of the month, and pray in a special way to the 3rd person of the Trinity on that day each month.

14)  Pray for the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love, at least 3 times a week!

15)  Fast from Something once a week (social media, chocolate, swearing, food, whatever


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