Update on Thief

They caught him at the Islamic Center a few blocks from the parish.  He was attempting to break into the center again (after doing so a number of times before).

He is a 23-year-old man, who has a drug and alcohol problem.  He confessed to the NYPD that he was the one who did all the crimes in the attempt to get money to support his habit.

He is currently in jail.

We thank the NYPD for their support and hard work in this case, and while we pray for the young man, we will be pressing charges.

This episode is a wake up call for us all.  If you have a relative or friend who is struggling with addiction there is help available, we have many resources to help those in need.  Please reach out to the office and we can connect you with a professional who will help the person heal.


If you see someone in church doing something strange or doing something they should not be doing, please alert the rectory and Father immediately!  We want our church open so people can come into God’s house and pray, but we want it secured and safe.

God bless, Fr Gannon

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