Vandalism at St. Gerard


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If you see this woman, around Hollis or Jamaica, please contact the 103 precinct Detective Squad and the rectory. She is responsible for the vandalism and desecration of the Marian images and the ripping down of every sign in the parish lot. She is wanted for questioning by the NYPD. Please share this image on your page and with neighbors. Do not approach her. Please call the professionals to approach her. 




September 10th, 4am

Last night around 4am a lady, in video attached, came up 188th Street, entered every car on 188 and then preceded to forcibly remove, and damage every one of our signs on 188th Street, 91st Ave, and 187th Street. It took her 45 mins to do this. Most of the signs will have to be replaced, over 1,000 in damage, plus wherever damage she may have done to the cars.

The NYPD came and a report was filed and video is clear. They will be searching for her.  Please pray for her, whatever she is going through, and pray for justice.     #sgmhollis#vandalism #nypd #103nypd


September 15th

This morning we awoke to find we were vandalized over night. - lady seen below, entered the locked lot, illegally, and forcibly removed art the rosary stations in the lot and did other damage,  the NYPD have been called. Pray for her, pray for justice, pray that she is found. #sgmhollis

Video of the lady entering and attacking the rosary stations late last night. It is the same women who attacked and removed our signs a week ago. Pray for her. Pray for the intercession of Mary, pray that she is found. #sgmhollis.


Rosary Stations Stolen from Queens Church in Second Robbery, Air Date: September 16, 2019


CBS New York

Police Seek Woman Accused of Causing About $10K in Damage at Queens Church


New York Daily News, September 17, 2019

Woman in white at Queens church is wanted for vandalism attacks one week apart


Queens Chronicle: Eastern/Southeast Queens News, September 19, 2019

Police, Diocese seek alleged church vandal


The Tablet, September 19, 2019

St. Gerard Majella's Outdoor Prayer Garden Struck Third Time

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