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Gifts from Bethlehem

Olivewood Handcrafted from the Holy Land


A Traditional Art and Livelihood for holy Land Christians

The handicrafts trade evolved as a cultural tradition of Christians in the Holy Land for many centuries. This indigenous form of art has since become an industry of great importance to the local people of the Holy Land who rely on it for livelihood, and to Christian pilgrims from all around the world whose holy pilgrimage can be memorialized for a lifetime in cherished olive wood or mother of pearl souvenirs. The olive wood carving market is the major source of income in the Bethlehem area. More than 65 percent of the income of the community in Bethlehem comes from this work.

In recent years, however, the holy crafts trade has suffered many hardships due to social and economical pressures. Because of a sharp fall in tourism and also as a result of diminishing numbers of craftsmen who leave their traditional trade and emigrate due to the difficult conditions in their homeland, the Holy Land handicraft market is facing serious danger, and so is the Christian community in the Land. Sixty five years ago the Christians represented more than 28% of the total population in the Holy Land, today they are less than 1.5%.The loss of Christians in the land of Christianity’s birth will represent a tragedy of immeasurable proportions for the billions of Christians worldwide.

Thank you for your vital support for a Christian tradition and in protecting this very important culture and industry.


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Message from the Pastor

God bless you all.  I want to welcome you to this website of our parish.  We are a Parish in Queens, part of the Diocese of Brooklyn.  We are one of four Diocesan Shrines in the Diocese.  We are dedicated to St. Gerard Majella because we were the first parish named after him in the United States.  We have his relics present in the church 24 hours a day.  We also have the relic of St. Gianna Mola and a 2nd class relic of Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGiviney (founder of the Knights of Columbus).  Our Church is open from 7:30am to 8pm everyday for prayer.

All are welcomed at the parish.  We especially welcome couples who are trying to have a baby, those who recently had a baby, those who are trying to adopt, and those who are having issues with conceiving a baby.  Every week we pray a perpetual novena to St. Gerard on their behalf.  Please feel free to surf our website, and know that we are praying for you.  If you can please drop us a line so we can connect to you and pray for you, via email, Facebook page, or Twitter Page.

God bless.

Fr Josephjude Gannon



Dios les bendiga a todos. Deseo darles la bienvenida a este portal de nuestra parroquia. San Gerardo de Majella es una parroquia en Queens que forma parte de la Diócesis de Brooklyn. Es uno de cuatro santuarios en la Diócesis.  El nombre de nuestro santuario es en honor a San Gerardo de Majella. Nuestra parroquia fue la primera en llevar el nombre de San Gerardo en los Estados Unidos.  Tenemos sus reliquias en nuestro santuario 24 horas al día. También tenemos las reliquias de Santa Gianna Mola y una reliquia del Venerable Padre Michael J. McGiviney (fundador de los Caballeros de Colón).  Nuestra iglesia está abierta desde las 7:30 de la mañana hasta las 8 p.m. para orar. 

Todos son bienvenidos a nuestra parroquia. Especialmente le damos la bienvenida a las parejas que están tratando de tener un bebé, las que recién acaban de tener uno, las que acaban de adoptar y las que tienen dificultad en concebir. Cada semana rezamos la novena a San Gerardo por su intercesión. Siéntase libre de navegar por nuestro portal y sepa que estamos orando por usted.  Nos encantaría saber de usted, por favor escríbanos para comunicarnos y orar por usted ya sea a través de un correo electrónico o las páginas de Facebook o Twitter.

¡Que Dios le bendiga!

Padre Josephjude Gannon



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